About Us

About us

MyWornShoes is a marketplace designed to provide a sustainable & profitable alternative to throwing out used shoes and socks. In this marketplace, vendors are able to list their used items for the same price, if not for more than what they originally paid. MyWornShoes is available to everyone worldwide, and shipping is calculated accurately always ensuring the best deal.


Shipping is available worldwide, and items are shipped from vendors 1-2 business days after the listing’s purchase. Shoes purchased from vendors in the United States are shipped in USPS flat rate boxes, and Socks purchased from vendors in the United States are shipped in USPS flat rate envelopes. Shipping is included for U.S. purchases at no additional cost, while shipping costs for international purchases are calculated based on distance and package size. Shipping costs for international vendors selling to international buyers or buyers in the United States are calculated based on location and package size, always ensuring an appropriate shipping price and efficient speed of delivery.

Selling & Purchasing

Listings on MyWornShoes do not expire and there are no listing fees. Vendors are free to list as many items as frequently as they want with minimal restriction. MyWornShoes takes a 17% commission on each sale, and vendors receive the funds from sales immediately after a purchase to their PayPal account, providing a profitable and convenient structure for sellers to earn consistent profit in this marketplace. On the checkout page, buyers are able to pay using a debit or credit card through PayPal checkout, or by using a PayPal account.


All users in the MyWornShoes marketplace are required to be at least 18 years old before listing or purchasing an item. Vendors who do not deliver an item will be prohibited from using this service and their PayPal account will be reported as fraudulent. The funds from the sale will be confiscated and returned to the buyer. Buyers who report an item as not having been delivered when an item has been successfully delivered will have their PayPal account or payment information reported as fraudulent. Vendors are encouraged but not required to take digital pictures of their postal service receipts and keep them on record in the event that any such claim should arise. Vendors may not delete then repost the same listing twice in one week. MyWornShoes denies ownership of any listings, pictures, videos, links, or other media that is posted by users in this marketplace. All information entered by users on this website is SSL encrypted and is not shared or sold anywhere.

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